Rhodium Plated Curved Bar Ear Climbers - Aurelia Sky
Rhodium Plated Curved Bar Ear Climbers - Aurelia Sky

Curved Bar Ear Climbers

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Yes please! This is one of our favorite looks for 2020!  

  • Measure 2.5mm x 21.5mm.
  • French wire back
  • Rhodium Plated .925 sterling silver

What is rhodium plated?

Rhodium is a silver-white metallic element in the platinum family of metals that is highly reflective and resistant to corrosion. It is considered the rarest and most valuable precious metal in the world.

Rhodium plating protects the surface against scratches and gives a gorgeous reflective white appearance.

What is .925 sterling silver?

.925 sterling silver is the highest quality silver for jewelry. Sterling silver is a combination of silver and other metals, which is also called an "alloy." Unlike pure silver, which contains 99.9% elemental silver, sterling silver contains one or more additional metals that add strength.